What Java2Go is not

If the blog name did not catch your attention then the content will grip you. Java2Go was started a few years ago as a random name for my company name through which I consult in this ever changing technology landscape.

Through the years I have accumulated knowledge with my experiences and thought it appropriate to share this with others. I have collaborated with friends and colleagues in areas that are not my strong points and I thank them deeply for their contributions.

The blogs you will find are not intended to be leading edge but rather an easy way to understand technology concepts and ideas. There are geeky tones in some of the articles but mostly it is intended for an easy read. Do feel free to contact me if there are any clarifications or misrepresentation you may notice in the articles. All feedback is not only welcome but appreciated.

Coming back to the name. Java2Go is often confused for something coffee related. I assure you it is not. But I do enjoy a cup of the brew and if any of you are in Auckland and would like to catch up for a cup of coffee that would be great.

Popular Topics

Anyone researching the internet on a particular topic soon realizes the existence of too much information. We still need to understand the long term or even the short term implication of too much information.

With this section we aim to filter the best of the topics that is just about required. If you still need a bigger doze of data to gather information the internet and our good friend Google is not going anywhere is a hurry.


Learn about how to automate IT processes and the serious benefits gained from automating processes

Agile Games

Games for agile coaches, scrums masters and facilitators of agile events

REST Services

An in depth knowledge about this architectural style for networked applications. An increasing popular segment with the growing popularity of IoT


Recommendations, reviews and tips on the usage of different tools for the entire development life-cycle

Internet of Things

Discussion around this increasing popular domain of connecting various hardware to the internet.


The bases of this volatile topic and comparison between the different crypto currencies that exists